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Best options strategy if you intend to profit off of small directional moves?

Title. Let's say hypothetically you found a liquid underlying in which for whatever reason, you are confident in that you can predict that at least one day will be profitable within a 3-4 day period, to a 75% win rate. So a "win" occurs when any day ends favorably (even if it's very small, minus commissions). And at that point, you exit the trade.
EDIT: I'll make it more "realistic" in terms of math. Let's say the strategy has a 90% win rate, but the losses are 3 times greater than the wins.
For example, I buy SPY at 270 Monday. On Tuesday, it falls to 268.5. But then on Wednesday, it rises to 271.3. At that point, exit the trade. Naturally, the moves are going to be small most of the time. Especially if binary events are avoided.
EDIT: Losses are cut when the reasons I entered the trade no longer exist. That could happen if a unexpected breakout occurs, or if the trade just drifts slightly in the red for 3-4 days doing nothing.
Of course, buying/shorting stock is one way to execute this strategy. But if one were to do this with options rather than buying/shorting stock, what would be a good way to do this?
Since I would be avoiding earnings days and probably dividend days, this will be executed in low IV.
This was the only idea I could think of that might fit this strategy:
Are there any other possibilities? Regular long calls/puts seem like a no-go because they don't seem to work well for a strategy aiming for small directional moves. But maybe someone could change my mind on that.
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